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Speech of candidate for Presidency of Georgia Elections-2004

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Posted 29 December 2008 - 02:25 AM

Vazha Chkhaidze
Threeparliamentary State
Speech of candidate for Presidency of Georgia
Tbilisi, 9 December 2003

The presentation of the presidential program “Threeparliamentary State” was held on December 3.
The speech, in slightly modified versions, was handed over the press and television on December 9, but was suppressed discussion.
During a few following days it was distributed by supporters in the form of printed sheets.
On the website it’s published for the first time in the form taking the versions into consideration.

Translated from Russian by Алёнушка
22 March 2010

My dear compatriot!
A son of multicolored, ancient Georgian culture!
Who with his love for individuals and peoples, hospitality, joy and tolerance, being not separated from the Divine-Spiritual, has created the colored by this culture brilliant aristocratic-centralized nation state, realized in the monarch granted by God!

Who, unfortunately, has “seized” the French Revolution motto: “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity!” only with his stomach!
And hasn’t learnt, fathomed, comprehended, lit up with the light of his mind this marvelous instinctive motto!
Yes, in spite of the fact that You have made 5 so-called revolutions during a century, not only a state You haven’t built – and You’re given “help” from without – but even a single stone in the foundation of a new Georgian state You haven’t laid!
And the Georgian nation was declared “failed”!

So bitterly your own proverb “the owner of Turashauli picked wild apples!” has fulfilled!
Your vine is still grafted upon an alien wild vine!
Your machari is fermenting and getting old in an oak wine barrel instead of а kvevri!
Your bread isn’t even getting old!
And You can no longer say: “Old bread, old wine, and old friend!”
You invite your guest for bread and salt instead of bread and wine!
Named a man of earth, You’ve become a man of clouds in your high-rise buildings!
Unified, monotony literate, You don’t feel the mystery of life, its breathing and pulse!
And instead of scoring a goal You’re juggling with a ball!

It’s time to say: distant from the divine, unified, monotonous, lifeless mind will never create a multiform, living state!
Though most states are now after the same pattern – a Liberal Democratic one, and the powers of Georgia are leading the country in this political direction, this unified form of government has problems not only from without, but also inside, because it tries to build a paradise on earth!
In addition, in the modern era it doesn’t become the humanity, all the more the nation inherited the Orthodox Christian culture, to be embodied in one man – a constitutional monarch or a president as a rudiment of a king!

In the modern era a nation must be embodied in a multiform civil society and in a proper state!
A baker should bake bread!
I’ve said in public time and again: the time for group creativity, not group action has come!
So in the event of my victory in the Georgian presidential election our country will have no president!
Neither will be a unified one-chamber, even a bicameral parliament with proper groups or political parties!
Political parties are the result of a unified society, a rudiment of the privileged class, and they’ll lose their functions at the same time with de-unification of the society!

For culture in general, and especially for the Georgian culture, any foreign-centrism, even Eurocentrism, is unacceptable!
Georgia is a bridge, and the foreign-centrism will break the Georgian rhythm, beating between East and West!
Yes, neither west geometric ornament or political revolutions, nor east floral ornament or economic revolutions will bring You luck!
Only vine ornament, called «Georgian tangle» by the foreigners and bloomed on the ancient temples will make You happy!
“He who understands Georgian carving understands my poetry” – so said, at the end of his life, Galaktion.
“The land was given us people, and its flowers can’t be counted” – Rustaveli said.
“Three heroes-heavenly bodies worship each other” - this is by Rustaveli too.
“Seven heavenly bodies illuminate those three” – this too.

Yes, only with the three-voice polyphony of culture-politics-economy, in consonance with the divine-spiritual, You’ll build an entirely new, multiform Georgian state!
And no power from without will overpower You, imbued with your native culture!
And You’ll tune up the foreign policy not with a principle of balancing of the alternative forces, but with the Georgian three-voice polyphony!
An independent, inviolable, decentralized state, as the Seamless Robe of Jesus, with a diamond cut – with the deunified multicolor society!

A “Liberal – Democratic – Socialist” Parliamentary Federative Republic with horizontally threefold Parliaments of the Constituent Territories and the Republic - Culture-Politics-Economics, where the deputies will be chosen in the internal elections of the societies and unions in compliance with professions, and the chairman of the republic’s parliament – from the deputies of the federal subjects by rotation.
Kartli-Kakheti, Imereti, Guria, and Megrelia, Ajara and Abkhazia, Svaneti, and Khvanchkara :)/> … inviolable Georgia!

But be careful! The Prince of the World will come to You and try to tell You all this with the same words.
After a presentation of the fundamentals of my presidential program on Georgian television the envoys speaking this language have already appeared!
The same happened last year, when I, as a candidate for the presidential post of the Georgian Football Federation, began a fierce struggle for culture, ousted from the liberal-democratic state!
It’s said: “When two people say the same it’s not always the same!”
Voices should be listened to carefully; the voice gives away the Prince of the World!

You should be also careful not to become an involuntary member of those raking over old ashes with the purpose of repressions!
And in the future You should direct all your abilities and efforts at finding and making of brave and incorruptible defenders of the law, people with a cast of character of a state employee!
In the future threefold parliament an issue of their privileges should be raised, but on condition that they’ll voluntary renounce their right to vote, so that they won’t depend on government officials and will be serving the law–governed state all their life!

The author of these words has been persecuted for 20 years for his fight for the realization of dynamically harmonious, kalokagatic consonance of personal “Liberty”, legal “Equality” and social “Fraternity”; his millions have been robbed and his football club has been destroyed in response to glory and millions, brought to Georgian football – this case is still in court; he has been fighting for the formation of civil culture and for the Supremacy of Law since 1985; dozens of published works and books about the problems resulting from unification, most of which are published, are the work of him; as a legitimate candidate for the presidency of the Georgian Football Federation, he was deprived of the most important right – the right to take part in the legitimate elections – this case is in court and the prosecutor’s office too; today, as a presidential aspirant, he is deprived of the live broadcast of face to face format, against him the doors of newspapers’ editorial offices are in fact shut... – yes, Soviet and post-Soviet state mafia has hidden this man from the public.

After my appearance on the “Eureka” last year, this sports program was even closed for some time!
But, on Georgian TV channels a merry-go-round of the same persons is spinning every day, where everyone with rare exceptions judges everything on behalf of democracy, though democracy means equality before the law, but not before culture or economy, and there is no place for personal views and notions in legal framework!
This is the unification, monotony, monochrome, the results of which, through your fault, my dear compatriot, the Georgian people are reaping today!

Yes, You should realize that a single word “democracy” will never contain in itself what was born on this earth by means of three words of instinctive intelligenz: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity; that the modern liberal-democratic state, the same universal and monotonous state, the same unified democratic state will never be identificational environment for personal Freedom, civil Equality, social Fraternity; that the multiform, living civil society and state will never arise on the basis of the Georgian constitution, until absurdly all-embracing, unrealizable “Equality” is its protector – according to the 38th paragraph of the Constitution, “citizens of Georgia are equal in economic, cultural and political life”, while culture and economy will be carried outside the limits of State power. According to the 34th and 30th paragraphs of the Constitution, it appears that the Bonapartistically-unified Politics-State takes upon itself cultural and economic development of our country!

Yes, exactly so, my dear compatriot, and You should accept all this, because today your personality and nationality have been “stolen”!
And in return You were foisted off a game in liberal-democracy, while liberal-democracy in its bosom, in the Anglo-American civilization, is an innate genetic need, but out of it it’s just a mediocre game!
That’s why all over the world culture is rooted out as an obstacle!
And the most important is that it’s being done with your own hands, my dear compatriot!
You’re divided into two and dominated by!

Nowadays the world leading TV channels declare unanimously that the so-called “Rose Revolution” in Georgia was organized by “nacionaly” (slang word), (the word “nacional” was used deliberately to fool), not by the leaders of the centrally-unified state and the forces behind them, who have been violating the Georgian culture and law for dozens of years!

It was these forces’ dictates that the FC “Mreteby” became a victim of the fight against. The best years of my family’s, my comrades’ and my life passed in this struggle.
Last year I even addressed an open letter to the Parliament of Georgia – it was published in the newspaper “Olympus” - but there was no response! The whole world will soon learn about all this!

It’s time to call things by their proper names: the so-called “Rose Revolution” has started a new wave of unification!
And it’s directed against the personal individuality of the Georgian culture!
Against the Georgian politics!
Against the Georgian economy!
Against the Georgian state, against all cultural states in general!

But I believe that the whole World will rise against the present reality and anticipated danger, against the unification!
Because it’s a struggle for the environment where every nation makes its own face, for living Communication between Individualities!
For attainment of the Mystery by means of the Living!
And for the joy given by the Resurrection of the Dead!

I believe that the idea of the Three-voice State – Plato, Rustaveli, Steiner – will be accepted and will show its sign:
- England and the USA, the Eaglet of peaceful coexistence of nations!
- Deutschland, the Spiritual vanguard of the Three-voice State!
- Russia, the Lion of the Diversity of States!
- The East, the Inexhaustible Living Source of Cultures!

Your first duty is to accept the Truth, my dear compatriot!
And the Truth will make You free!
And it will kindle Love in your heart!
“Thou art Enamored, Friend and Creator, Mravaljamier!”

I believe that on the eve of the upcoming Christmas and New Year the words of Rustaveli will sound with special power:
“A small spark will burn big trees”.
May the Georgian source of peaceful diversity never dry up!
ქმენ, რაცა შენი ფერია! (რ)

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Posted 15 September 2010 - 12:44 PM

Thank you, Алёнушка :)
ქმენ, რაცა შენი ფერია! (რ)

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